Treating the Leading Causes of Blindness and Alzheimer’s disease

Galimedix Therapeutics is a Phase 2 neuropharmaceutical company developing novel first-in-class drugs with ground-breaking potential to slow or stop the progression of neurodegeneration and to improve function in glaucoma and dry AMD – leading causes of blindness – and also in Alzheimer’s disease.

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A Potentially Disruptive Technology

Galimedix Therapeutics is developing two unique small molecules GAL-101 and GAL-201 specifically to block a key underlying step in neurodegeneration: formation of toxic oligomers of amyloid beta (Aβ). These toxic Aβ oligomers have emerged as the central cause in neurodegeneration, as further bolstered by recent results from Phase 3 clinical trials with Aducanumab reported by Biogen. GAL-101 and GAL-201 are small molecules designed to prevent and clear precisely such Aβ oligomers. GAL-101 has shown compelling efficacy results in animal studies as an eye drop treatment for glaucoma and dry AMD, and as an oral version for Alzheimer’s disease, demonstrating strong potential not only to slow or stop the degeneration, but to also restore lost neuronal function.

Our Technology

Novel Drugs for Treatment of Neurodegeneration of the Eye and Brain

  • Our therapeutic approach is unique in several ways: Our assets GAL-101 and GAL-201 are small, well tolerated molecules, that can reach their target via eye drops or oral delivery
  • Their administration is noninvasive: better suited to long-term therapy than injections
  • They have been rationally designed to bind only to misfolded monomers of Aβ, thereby preventing them from forming toxic oligomers
  • They effectively block formation of all toxic oligomers of Aβ, without disturbing normal neuronal function
  • They have the advantage of being a small molecule and block the formation of all forms of toxic oligomers at source.


  • In contrast antibodies eliminate toxic oligomers only after their formation, require parenteral administration and have poor access to the CNS. In addition, first generation antibodies target all forms of Aβ and thereby harm normal synaptic function. The more recent oligomer specific antibodies only target subsets of Aβ oligomers due to their epitope specificity.
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