Preclinical Experiments In Vitro

Preclinical Experiments In Vivo

AMD Preclinical Data


Galimedix is developing unique and novel drugs, which are among the first to address an emerging central target of several neurodegenerative diseases: toxic oligomers of misfolded amyloid beta molecules (toxic Aβ). Toxic Aβ damages neural cells, which leads to complement cascade, loss of cell function, apoptosis and eventual death. Among the most common toxic Aβ mitigating conditions are dry AMD and glaucoma, which are neurodegenerative diseases of the eye. Our proprietary compound GAL-101 targets a central step in their development, not just their symptoms. GAL-101 has been shown to prevent and remove toxic Aβ, blocking "complement cascade", improve cell function in vitro, and prevent apoptosis and cell death in animal models.

The compound aims to slow or stop neurodegeneration and to improve visual function and provide an early treatment to minimize or slow progression. Uniquely, GAL-101 shows a sustained beneficial effect, which is based on the self-propagating clearance of toxic Aβ ("trigger effect").